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The Center for Excellence in Peer Education (CEPE) prepares outstanding students to mentor, tutor, and assist their peers in both curricular and co-curricular settings. The Center offers resources, services, and training opportunities to the College of Charleston campus and to other college and university peer educator groups interested in improving and/or expanding their peer educator programs.

The Center for Excellence in Peer Education embraces the College of Charleston core purpose and values to enhance the students’ overall developmental achievement, while incorporating collaboration with the campus and Charleston community. The Peer Education program increases student success by creating student leaders who will assist and guide their fellow students to integrate positively, academically, and socially at the College of Charleston. The fundamental base of the Peer Education program was generated from student development studies, concepts, and theories within higher education. The training, and overall program, deriving from the Center for Excellence in Peer Education aims at enriching the students’ experiences and attaining valuable life skills for both the peer educators and the students whose lives they influence.


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